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Psychosynthesis Counsellor and EFT/ Matrix Practitioner

What’s the first step?

I offer a 15/20 minute phone call so you can tell me a little about yourself and what you are looking for.

If after our call you feel that I have an understanding of the issues you bring, we can go ahead and book an initial consulation.

This initial consultation is for you to see how you would feel about working with me. It also gives me a chance to explain how I work.

Therapy Online London

Face to face London SE1

My Approach to Therapy Online

I work with a combination of Psychosynthesis Counselling and EFT/Matrix Reprinting. These techniques are the most effective I have found for us to make sense of ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.

We can work towards,

Alleviating the heavy energy of depression and anxiety using a very effective tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

We will begin to identify the parts of you that have suffered trauma. Those parts of yourself that are disconnected and working towards integration of those parts.

You will notice over time a more healthy self emerge that is more present and less angry.

You will also notice less feelings of dread and loneliness.

An ongoing practice of unconditional kindness and compassion towards yourself.

Working towards a relationship with your internal critic and judge.

Begin to understand that the parts that make up your survival personality.

Learning the reasons of why you are angry and resentful or just feeling stuck.

Learning how to be present in the moment in order to respond rather than react.

Therapy Online London SE1

Showing liberation from depression

Interview with Welldoing

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“Well, something’s lost, but something’s gained
in living every day”
Joni Mitchell