London SE1 Anxiety Counselling

I work as a counsellor in London SE1 Anxiety Counselling working with people trying to manage their Anxiety.

I have had the privilege of working with such a mix of different people and cultures and have worked for many years in Bank EC3, London Bridge SE1 and Covent Garden WC2.

Tapping for Anxiety London SE1

Why is Anxiety such a problem these days? Can you remember a time before mobile phones, social media? A 24 hour news stream?

You will know and remember life has always been a challenge.

However, after a day’s work or school you could mostly go home or the pub and switch off.

Now people take work home with them or finding they cannot stop checking their social media.

There is no time to just switch off, and allow the brain and nervous system to wind down and rest.

How can we learn to calm our anxiety and fears and learn to be at peace?

I work with Psychosynthesis which is an amazing framework within which to work.

Working and focussing on the different parts of ourselves can be an immense relief.

We begin to realise that we are living our lives ignoring parts of ourselves that are very scared or unhappy – we find ourselves moving to a different internal space.

We can be so focussed on our anxiety and fear we are not aware that we do have options.

Working towards grounding and centering so that you are able to manage and contain the anxiety.

London SE1 Anxiety Counselling

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping.

I use EFT as part of my preferred way of working.

This technique alleviates emotional and psychological distress by combining elements of exposure and cognitive therapy with the stimulation of acupressure points.

A few minutes in a quiet space and just tapping can help you to centre and ground yourself so that are able to face difficult situations.

Not only will it take down your anxiety or fear but often times will give you a different perspective on a situation.

Tapping on the meridians (points on the body that acupuncturists use) helps us to see a bigger picture much like having the blinkers taken off.

Online therapy London

London SE1 Anxiety Counselling

So if you live or work in and around London Bridge SE1 or would like to work online please feel free to contact me.

I offer. 15/20 minute phone call at the end of which you can decide to go ahead and book an initial consultation.

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